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You want the truth?

The Truth about the $25 Countertop


"I just saw an ad for granite at $25.00 per sq ft... can you match this price?" This question has been asked to us many times. Somebody drives down the road and spot a small lawn sign that reads "Granite starting at $25.00 per sq ft + free faucet + free sink".

When the $25.00 Granite countertops question is asked, our honest answer is... no. The $25.00 sign is nothing but cheap advertisement for a cheap (and unreal) product.

It gets worse! Online you can find Granite for only $19.00 per sq ft with fabrication available!?!

Well, assuming the vast majority of Americans don't have a $45,000.00 bridge saw machine in the back yard, neither diamond blades, heavy duty grinders, diamond polishing pads, etc. the customer will have no choice, but to fabricate his/hers granite with a professional... So what seems to be a great deal in the beginning, becomes a very expensive nightmare in the end.

Granite Works is a serious business, and as such we honor the prices we advertise. We give our customers the best possible price upfront, and we will never play the old "start with a high price and lower as the customer pushes you..."

With over 6,500 projects installed over the years, we have tons of real references of satisfied clients.

And guess what... They're happy with our prices too!

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