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``My husband and I just updated our kitchen with Granite Works (new cabinets, countertops and sink) and we are so happy with them and with our new kitchen.``- Julie G.
``I have used them for my own home and for many of my real estate listings. They do an excellent job and are courteous and responsive. I would highly recommend them.``- Judy Casey - Realtor
``It was wonderful to be able to go and physically look at different granite slabs. I brought a cabinet door and a paint sample with me so that I could be sure my selection would match my kitchen finishes.``- Rachel Marshall
``After visiting multiple showrooms, we found exactly what we needed at Granite Works. The selection is excellent and the price was very reasonable. Gus is easy to work with, professional and goes out of his way to get you what you want``.- Pallavi Kumar
``Their price was similar to two other suppliers I contacted, but their service was much much better. From quote through the measure and install they were always timely and professional and I'm very happy with the job.``- Sis
``We had a wonderful experience working with Granite Works. The ordering process was fast and easy from start to finish and the installation was done both quickly and well.``- Kathleen R.

Looking for durability and design? We have it all.

Designers and homeowners are constantly looking for products that deliver durability without sacrificing the look of the space. Both natural and engineered (or just Quartz) stones are gorgeous, durable and increase property value!


Finding our showroom shouldn’t be a problem

Our showroom location is a little tricky to find at first. With our new sign, you won’t need to drive around anymore. When you get to Taft St. look for our sparkling red slab sign, and you will find us.

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Do you know which material suits your family lifestyle?

With so many beautiful designs and different materials to chose from, it is easy to get confused while shopping for a new countertop. Our team will guide you in the right direction without blowing your project budget.

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New cabinets, affordable prices

From entry-level, all the way to semi-custom construction we have the cabinet door style for your project. With our in-home kitchen design services, our designer will create a layout that it will maximize your space without breaking the bank.


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Why Choose Quartz

Polarstone? Cambria? Caesarstone? Silestone? Have you ever asked yourself which quartz brand should you choose? They all have beautiful designs, but you will have to make a decision soon. Let us help…  

From nature to your kitchen

Granite and marble are two materials found in nature. Both offer gorgeous designs, a variety of colors, and are available in different finishes; polished and honed finishes are preferred for kitchen countertops.

Our Company

Granite Works fabricates and installs over a thousand new kitchen countertops every year. Now, our company has become a local leader in natural and man-made stone fabrication. Learn more

A decade in business – 10% discount for you!

Ten years. Wait, what?! A decade has passed since Granite Works was founded, and looks like it was yesterday. I still remember the company early days - all we had was a DIY website with only one page, an old truck, a big dream, and a lot of responsibility in our shoulders. Back then we could only imagine where the business would be in ten years - and here we are, celebrating! A lot have changed since then, but what have... read more →

5 Tips To Keep Your Granite Like New

Keeping a natural stone looking like new for years to come is not a hard task at all. Here are five tips to help you to maintain your granite, marble or quartz countertops looking new ten years from now. Keep the sealer application up to date - sealants are a good way to protect your investment. However, do not rely only on it. Sealers are made to delay the absorption process, NOT to prevent it 100%. So, if you drop any liquid... read more →
New Countertops

Preparing your kitchen for new countertops

Preparing Your Kitchen for New Countertops If you are reading this, you must be very excited with your new purchase and counting the days to have your new countertops installed. The tips below will help you to have a smooth and pleasant experience during your new countertops template and installation visit. Keep in mind that Granite Works recommends that new counters be measured and installed during the final phase of any remodeling project, especially if you are purchasing a soft... read more →
Quartz marble-like

Kitchen Countertop Trends in 2016

The latest trends in kitchen countertop material are definitely Engineered Stone - or Quartz countertops as a lot of people refer to it. According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, quartz countertop has surpassed granite in the past two consecutive years, which is a great achievement for companies like the American-made Cambria, the Spanish giant Silestone and the Israeli company Caesarstone; which since 2015 has opened its first US factory in order to supply the demand of the US... read more →
Quartz countertops , New Cabinets

Are you a natural born interior designer?

A lot of people have the wrong sense that we were born with this “natural” interior designer and architectural skills, but the reality is that most of us lack big-time in these areas. I know, it’s hard to admit, especially when you have someone by your side saying what you don't want to hear it when things don’t look as good as you’ve planned – “I told you so. Can we call an REAL interior designer now?” Yep, my friend,... read more →

Be smart when choosing your countertop fabricator

When it comes to a kitchen and bathroom renovation or a simple upgrade, new countertop plays a significant role in the project budget. Choosing the right company to do the job is key to first give you guidance through the renovation process, second, to help save headache and money in the long run. Why save money in the long run if I could save right now by choosing the cheapest bid – you must ask, and I’ll explain why.... read more →

Getting help does make a HUGE difference!

We understand that even a simple kitchen remodel can be stressful and time consuming. Furthermore, a lot of money can be wasted due to lack of planning or by simply making the wrong choice when it comes to who will perform the work. While many home owners chose to stay true to the great old American tradition of “doing-it-yourself”, it is widely known that it is best to consult a professional in order to conciliate the budget with your... read more →
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